Based on personal experiences from travels to Palestine and Cuba,
Biyi Zhu started off a visual investigation into the complexity of food scarcity in a world where there, in principle, is enough for everyone. She aims to inspire a discussion about the world of excess.

The resulting video work is projected on a floor covered with flour, an immersive space with limited seating on flour bags, connecting viewers to a story of desire and inaccessibility. Mahatma Gandhi said: “To those who have to go without two meals a day, God can only appear as bread.” When we lack the necessary resources for our subsistence, hunger confronts us with scarcity purely and simply.

MA graduation work
Design Department, Sandberg Instituut 2017
WAIT FOR CUE, Graduation show at nightclub Shelter, Amsterdam 

PERFECT TEMPTATION — INSTALLATION (at nightclub Shelter, Amsterdam)


Video & Installation; 1920 × 1080 mm | color | 9’ 40’’ | 2017 | Amsterdam


Sound/ Victor Dirks; Rutger Muller; Che-Sheng Wu;
Performer/   Maharaja Majara Demajadahonda;
Designer/  Mateo Broillet