I Love Beijing Tiananmen is a popular children song in the People's Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution, in 1970. It’s also a well-known song for those youth who born at 80’s of China.

Inspiring by the lyrics, Biyi continue to use her montages which represen massive cultivation and massive food production, to construct a story that relate with her cultural background to respond her through about the political event.

PERFECT TEMPTATION — INSTALLATION (at nightclub Shelter, Amsterdam)


Lyrics - English
I love Beijing Tiananmen,
The Sun rises above Tiananmen.
The great leader Chairman Mao,
Leads us marching forwards.

Lyrics - Dutch
Ik hou van de Beijingse Tiananmen,
Tiananmen, waar de zon op rijst.
De glorieuze voorzitter Mao,
leid ons allen een stap voorwaarts.


Video; 1920 × 1080 mm | color | 4’ 05’’ | 2016 | Amsterdam


VOCAL/ Biyi Zhu