This project is about a pop-up installation which lay on some streets of Macao to meet up people. The action represent an information about being aware to fellow the poker game and it may let you become an addict of gamble in casino. In addition some stuffs of Youth Association of Macao give some further knowledge and suggestions for citizens, especially for youth to understand the gambling problem in Macao.

Fellowing this interactive way, they had a goal to connect people via meeting people by knowing each other. Biyi participated this project and worked with MUSE-UM during the time she was in Amsterdam. They together with the video studio, Mirage Visual, to discuss the documentary direction and work together with an action to visualize and to structure the pop-up installation. The whole project include an identity of the action, short documentary and other relevant printing items.

POSTER  (at strees of Macao, CN)


Pop-up INSTALLATION  (at strees of Macao, CN)

Macao Gambling Issue from on Vi


Poster, 420 x 594 mm
Video & Pop-up Installation; 1920 × 1080 mm | color | language: Cantonese | 2’ 24’’ | 2016 | Macao


MUSE-UM / Mirage Visual

Youth Association of Macao