BITSRAY is a spacecraft which travel between visual and sound dimension. The thinking propeller which locate in a core position of this spaceship, pushing it to every new direction. The inner structure of BITRAY display different visual investigation that inspire from each dimensional journey. 

Biyi Zhu(CN), as a captain of BITSRAY and a human being, she fellow her thinking engine: her heart to connect with the thinking propeller of this spaceship organically.  Biyi is a visual investigator, interdisciplinary designer and researching scarcity. She graduated from School of Art Multimedia video design at the University of Macao Polytechnic Institute and further completed her academic studies in the master programme Design at the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. She currently work and lives in Amsterdam and open for freelance works, research and any kind of collaborations.

Her interested lie at video experimenting as a way to understand research object and to explore new narrative for scarcity of excess world, accessibility and inaccessibility in psychological condition, future sustainability, resources allocation, and assumptions of automated story-telling.

Welcome to deliver a single to  BITSRAY.